Improve your writing with a powerful AI editor

We're excited to share our new standalone editor. It's just like the extension but with many new features.


Our new editor is packed with features to help you edit your content with ease.

Clear and Simple UI

Enjoy a user-friendly interface designed for ease of use and efficient editing.

Iterative Editing

Highlight and proofread sections iteratively , great for longer documents.

Fine-tuned AI Models

Leverage fine-tuned models that have been trained for proofreading.

Document Handling

Import and Export your edited content in various formats, docx, and more.

Multi-language Support

Edit and proofread content in multiple languages with accuracy and precision.

Custom Prompts

Save and load custom prompts to customize your editing.

Product Comparison

See product comparison below and pick the right product for your needs.

Browser Extension


The browser extension is free to use and works alongside the ChatGPT website.

  • No edits possible on response
  • View, accept and reject changes
  • No Limit
  • Poor quality models
  • Manually enter prompts

Basic Editor


A powerful editor that is free to use and has a variety of menu options.

  • Continous revisions
  • View, accept and reject changes
  • Limited to 10,000 words per month
  • Improved API models
  • Preloaded Prompts
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Pro Editor



The powerful editor with all the premium features and generous usage limits.

  • Continous revisions
  • View, accept and reject changes
  • 300,000 words per month
  • Fine-tuned API models
  • Import Word documents (upcoming)
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